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Something interesting about Budala palace

August 3, 2011

For the followers of Buddhist, Budala palace would be the necessary place to visit. Although I was one of the atheists, I regarded it as one of the most important destination to travel. So the second day in Lhasa, we arranged this trip. Budala palace was a large scale development group. As is known it was constructed by Songzanganbu for the Wencheng princess. Right after it was rebuilt in 17th century, it became the winter palace for Dalailama living. It was also a political and religious rule center of Tibet. It stood on Red mountain which was located in north west of Lhasa the top government of Tibet.

All the tourists purpose to visit this palace in tibet tour. The palace was built in front of mountains and possessed distinct Tibetan feature. It had been regarded as artistic palace for that There had been a countless treasures collected in the palace. I had ever noticed the majestic appearance in many types of photos. But I was shocked by its truly great figure when it truly appeared in my eyesight.I was an atheist with no ambitions, but I was still absorbed by this palace. I desired to detect the mysterious of Budala palace out of the curiosity.

Visiting Budala palace generally started from high place towards the low area. It was divided into two components named the Red palace and also the White palace. Extended time ago, Dalailama lived in the White palace and received the VIP in White palace. The Red palace was applying to store the Stupa of Dalailama. There was also countless uncommon treasure within the Red palace. The overall arrangement of Budala palace looked like a maze. Because the visitors' station, there was only a single way to go along and we couldn't turn back. The fact was similar towards the travelers.

Along the narrow road, with the direction of the guide, we knew all of the corners of the palace and also the motive power of Tibetans following the Buddhist. Suddenly I knew that having a faith in our minds was a kind of happiness. But for me, the faith was constantly far away. Even though I had been seeking it all the time, I hadn't found the direction of my heart. I cried out in my thoughts; faith came up to us earlier. Possibly the road of our life contains only one as going to Budala palace. The road was twist and turns. We couldn't turn back but to research the proper direction of our soul.

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